“Yoga is the setting of the mind into silence.
“When the mind has settled, we are established in our
essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness.”
Yoga Sutras of Patanjalli

Welcome to Ashtanga Yoga Montclair (AYM)


Ashtanga Yoga Montclair offers daily morning Mysore style practice sessions, Guided Ashtanga evening classes Tuesday and Thursday as well as Monday and Wednesday Morning.  Full Led Primary Ashtanga Friday and Saturday mornings taught traditionally and true to the system of Ashtanga.    Daily Ashtanga yoga classes at Asana will aim to purifiy and balance the body . After the yoga, Asana House Juice Bar offers fresh juices, natural smoothies, wraps, salads, fresh soup and baked goods.  You will find educational reading material and good music to satisfy all the senses in a warm environment.

Ashtanga yoga is a systamatic style of Hatha yoga linking a set series of postures with the breath. Each inhalation and exhalation is shared with a movement.  The asana is the resting state between the vinyasa. As the practioner converts the series to memory he or she deepens their yogic experience by placing the primary focus on thier breath, a focal point and the transition to and from each asana.  The breath, badhas, drishti and vinyasa makes Ashtanga yoga a comprehensive practice that  you grow with.  An ancient system proven to stenghen the body and the mind increasing one's devotion by gradually unfolding throughout one's commitment to the Ashtanga Yoga practice.

More on "The Practice" . . .

Ashtanga Yoga is a breathing system which instructs us to synchronize the breath with each movement.   It starts with your first sun salutation as you inhale your arms up and take your first breath.  Then as we exhale we work to match the inhale and from there you proceed to do your asana practice, breathing, moving and flowing from pose to pose with a strong even breath.   The method of breathing is called Ujaii breathing. The practice and the series of poses that are given to us in the Ashtanga Primary series takes you to places you may have never been before.    In Ashtanga our teachers only ask that we do our practice.  Each person who comes to the practice brings along a body that is different from the next.  For one person a certain movement may come easy and for others it will require a fair amount of continual daily practice to be able to wrap or touch.    Achieving the pose in this instance is not doing yoga but being able to work with the breath and move the breath freely is the yoga and the practice.    The gazing point or Dristhi that we use for each asana also enables us to bring the focus internally to the breath where we come back to again and again.   When we are breathing freely in the asana you will find that the practice is a moving meditation. 

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught as a daily practice with one day a week off to rest as well as resting on the New and Full Moon Days.  The practice is taught in a Mysore Setting with the teacher giving poses and working with the student in a way that they may be able to commit the series to memory.   In a Mysore class students of various levels practice in the same room. with the teacher assisting each student in various asanas to deepen or to grow in their own personal practice.   Poses are added and build off each other.   It has been beautifully said that the poses are like keys to the body and each pose holds the key to the next and helps the body open as it should.  It is also known that much of what is needed for practice comes from the first sun salutation.  In a Led Ashtanga class the teacher calls out the poses in the order that they have been given and counts the breaths in the asana and will direct the vinyasa.  The vinyasa is the movement that links the poses together.  It is how we enter and exit a pose.  Working with the breath thru the vinyasa is equally important as breathing in the asana.   Led classes are a wonderful way to understand the series and in Mysore classes you have a chance to work poses so that you can deepen and grow in the practice. 

At Asana House you will find a daily morning Mysore schedule as well as Led Primary Series Ashtanga classes.   Practicing Yoga and growing in the practice takes time.  The Primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa which appropriately means Yoga Therapy.  Working through the series you start to purify the body from the inside out.  It does take time and it is meant to take time.  If you look at your practice as a lifelong practice then you have no where to go and you can enjoy the journey as well as the transformation that comes along with a commitment and dedication to yourself and the practice. 


"Eat, Breathe, Do Yoga"

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